For the first time since 2016 we are raising our prices on retail beans. This is for a variety of reasons but the main one is:

Green coffee has become more expensive.

Like a lot of industries, coffee farms and suppliers saw a lot of hardships these past few years. Not only has sourcing green coffee been more difficult, but it is also getting more expensive. We are not willing to compromise on the quality of the coffee we provide our community with.

As of April 15th, 2022, our new retail bean prices will be:

0.5lb $11.25
1 lb $21
5 lb $90

Local delivery will remain free in Ucluelet, Tofino, and everywhere in between.

We want to thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning, as well as our new customers, for their support. It means so much to us to be a part of this community.