Foggy Bean Coffee Bar

COVID-19 Safety Plan Summary

June 2021


Order window:

  • The coffee bar is TAKE-AWAY only. Service is from our ordering window, which has a Plexiglas barrier.

  • Due to physical distancing requirements and the small size our space and patio, we are unable to open our indoor and outdoor seating to customers.

  • We have designated 3 ordering/waiting spots with 2m distancing on our patio. Our patio maximum capacity is 6 people. If the line exceeds the three individuals/groups, you will need to wait on the side of the building and keep a physical distance from customers exiting the patio.

  • Please use the hand-sanitizer at the counter. (It's an alcohol hand-sanitizer made by our local distillery, Pacific Rim Distillery)

  • Items that are normally available at the customer bar and retail items are available upon request. We will add milk/cream/sugar for you, please tell us how you like it.

  • Due to the small size our coffee bar, it is our preference that one staff person is scheduled per day. Staff will work blocks of shifts with enhanced cleaning between workers.

  • MASKS for staff: If more than one team member is working, masks will be worn and physical distance will be maintained. If one person is working and the Plexiglas barrier is being used, than the staff person does not need to wear a mask but may choose too.

Cleanliness & Sanitizing

  • Our high standard of cleanliness and sanitation will be maintained, while increasing cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

  • Personal/take-away mugs are welcome. We will make your coffee in a food-safe vessel and you will pour it into your own mug. If you forgot your mug, we have clean and sanitized coffee cups you can borrow. For a $1 deposit we have mason jars you can borrow.

  • A grey tote is located outside for mugs and vessels being returned. They are washed and sanitized at the end of the day.

  • Our ordering area counter and touch points are frequently sanitized with QUAT.

  • Staff wash their hands ALOT. Please be understanding when we take 30seconds to wash our hands before making your drinks. (Our hands are our tools)

  • We have introduced new tools to minimize contact with coffee and coffee items. Including a hot cup lid applicator and a distributor for espresso grinds.

Other details

  • Staff will not report to work if they have any symptoms.

  • Restocking, maintenance and enhanced cleaning will be done outside of service hours.

  • We follow food safety protocols and all staff have a Food Safe certificate

  • We follow the British Columbia Provincial Health Orders as well as the guidance of the BCCDC and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.


Coffee Roastery:

  • The coffee roastery is closed to the public. Only authorized individuals may enter the facility

  • Staff have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand-washing sinks and hand-sanitizer.
  • Work hours and days have been staggered to give workers physical space. Staff will have their own distinct working stations and sharing work tools will be limited. If equipment is shared, it will be sanitized between users.

  • Masks will be worn if more than one staff person is working at the same time.

  • Our high standard of cleanliness and sanitation will be maintained, while increasing cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

  • We will continue to follow the British Columbia Provincial Health orders, the BCCDC and the Vancouver Island Health Authority guidance.